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FiddleKicks dances to live music — instrumental or voice — as well as a cappella. Concerts often include interludes such as instrumentals, vocals, hambone and/or limberjack toy demonstrations

Typical program for a 90-minute performance
ACT 1… Traditional Appalachian, English Clog, Hybrids
ACT 2… Percussive Expressions, Home to our Roots
Traditional Appalachian Dances

Back Step Cindy, a flatfoot routine by Sharon Gouveia, arranged by Pat McGrath
Bill Cheatem,a precision clog by Steve Smith
Buttermilk Churn, by FiddleKicks, with the Amos Moses finale by Diane Shaw
Choo Choo, by Dianne Rowe, Cranberry Cloggers (can be an interactive train dance well suited for childrens programming)
Cute-Cute, inspired by the Wild Goose Chase Cloggers
Cub Hill by the Cub Hill Cloggers.
Dale’s Duet, by Dale Landis & Stamp of Approval Cloggers (can be performed to live drum and fiddle accompaniment or contemporary hip-hop instrumental recording)
Flatfoot Freestyle
Galen's Choice by Peggy Leiby inspired by Tom Hinds
Harlem Rosette, by Alive & Kicking, Exeter, England
Laura's Delight by Megaera Kuny as arranged by Laura Robertson
Mud Season, by Buck & Wing Cloggers and Stamp of Approval Cloggers
No Eric Square, by the Kitchen Sync Cloggers and Peggy Leiby
Ryestraw, by Jo Wright of Alive & Kicking, Exeter, England
Warm-up, by Beverly Rolfsmeyer and FiddleKicks

Other Percussive Dance Styles

Apple Pie, American tap (waltz) by Pat McGrath
Boston States
, Cape Breton by Jen Schoonover
The Boxing Clog, American vaudeville character dance, by Marian Knighton, interpreted by Pat McGrath
Buck & Wing Marley, English clog and American vaudeville, by William Marley
Calum Crubach & Gealbhodiach, , Cape Breton traditional a cappella songs, with dance by Jennifer Schoonover
Cornpipe, a hybrid hornpipe, by Pat McGrath
Gigue de l'isle, Prince Edward Island by Louise Arsenault from FiddlePuppets
Rapper Sword English, flexible swords
Sandy Boys, English Longsword with Appalachian stepping, by Judy Erickson
Seattle Son, body percussion with Appalachian clogging, by Pat McGrath
Sherry Pie, English waltz clog, by Pat McGrath, inspired by Sam Sherry
Soft Shoe Marley, American Clog Dance by Anna Mae Marley
Sweet Jenny Jones, Waltz clog by Laura Robertson
When I'm 64 English clog, by Judy Erickson.



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